About: Danishwara

Photographer and Industrial Designer.

Huntington Beach, California.

Felix Danishwara was born in Indonesia. Growing up in a developing country, he has seen poverty first hand. He has seen how people who live there develop solutions to their daily life problems using simplest solutions limited by their poverty. These exposures have driven him to be a creative product designer and an out of the box problem solver without sacrificing efficiency and aesthetics. 

His professional career at ANDesign developed his style in designing and peaked his interest in photography. When it comes to Danishwara's photography style, he focuses on emotional and blissful portrayal of his subjects ranging from --  landscapes, weddings, portraits, product shots and events.

Felix is currently working at a startup company called XPNDBLS (see www.xpndbls.com) as a designer.

Danishwara's work has been published by several online media outlets -- Delabuzz, Wacom Gallery, Industrial Design Served for his motorcycle  design and for his trailer concept, and many more. Other than online media, Danishwara is also published by Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur in "Sketching, Product Design Presentation".